From intelligent customization of pre-developed platforms to the complete software development cycle, as an experienced partner, RPME provides cost-effective, reliable custom solutions to meet your unique requirements.

We present solutions that specifically meet your needs with far more fidelity than any standard product. Having participated in several projects and commercial automation for many of our clients, we are always on the lookout for new projects.


Attentive to the smallest details, we begin with a conceptual examination. Our specialists carefully analyze your needs and help you create a detailed specification of software requirements.

We propose two development methodologies:

  • « Waterfall » method
  • Agile method.

By using the « Waterfall » method, you decide the requirements from the start and you get exactly the requested result of the project at a fixed price at the determined time.

With the Agile method, you are responsible throughout the development process to add and modify the requirements that allow you to evaluate the implemented features in the process.

In addition to the development, RPME offers maintenance and support for your existing software.


Among the specialists at RPME, there are only officially certified and developer experts with many years of experience in major companies.  We prioritize competence over speed. We respect budgets and deliver according to the pre-established calendar.

At RPME, we develop high-end software based on a solid architecture that facilitates modular expansion and maintenance. We pay special attention to the user interface as well as the performance.


We master all levels of development complexity and provide quality solutions for the following technologies:

Applications: .NET, Java, PHP, C ++, C#
Mobile: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apache, Xamarin
Web Application: HTML5, CSS3, JS
Database: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL


Software integration can sometimes seem like a very difficult process, but we recognize its importance and are always ready to meet the challenges. Experts at RPME provide seamless integration of software with, for example, your ERP system, your CRM or any other systems used within your company.

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